Information regarding ex Article 13 Legislative Decree 196/2003 “Code as regards the protection of personal data”.

According to the Article 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 and in relation to personal data intended to be used, we inform you as follows:

1. Sources and purposes
Personal data, asked for or provided or taken directly from the interested parties, even verbally, or taken from third parties, acquired prior to the establishment of the contractual relation or during or after the termination of it, are subject to be used for associated and exploitable purposes by EUROCHEMICALS s.p.a., that is:

  • in the course of the pre-contract negotiations (offers) and for the drawing up of contracts;
  • management of the established and existing contractual relation with the Company (by way of an example, invoicing, demands for services, etc….);
  • the fulfilment of legal obligation connected with provisions concerning civil laws, tax measures and book-keeping;
  • marketing activities, promotional activities, statistical analysis, quality control.

 All the data under item 2 will be kept even after the termination of the contractual relation for the execution of all the possible fulfilments connected with or resulting from the termination of the relation and for the last above-mentioned purpose.

2. Types of data
The personal data categories are general data kept in public registers or in any way in documents knowable by anyone (business name, address, VAT registration number etc.).

3. Data processing
With “data processing of personal data” is meant: their collection, registration, organization, conservation, consultation, elaboration, modification, selection, origin, comparison, use, interconnection, blockage, communication, distribution, crossing out, destruction or the combination of two or more of such actions. The data processing can be carried out with or without the help of electronic data processing or in any way automatised and will include also, in observance of the limits and conditions laid down under Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, the communication towards the subjects under item 6 as well as the distribution referring again to the subjects under item 6) of this information.

4. Data processing modalities
The personal data at issue will be processed:

  1. by means of paper, informatics or telematics;
  2. by people authorized to perform such assignments, continuously identified, well instructed and informed about the legal obligations imposed under the Legislative Decree 196/2003;
  3. with the use of security measures to:
    - guarantee the right of privacy of the interested person,
    - prevent illicit access to third parties or unauthorized staff.

5. The nature of the concession and the consequences of a possible refusal to answer.
The submission of personal data in itself is optional, but possible opposition to the pursuit of specific purposes and the partial or total refusal to answer shall entail impossibility or difficulty to manage the contractual relation, to fulfil exactly contractual obligations or the above entioned purposes, and may imply the forfeiture of a right.

6. Communication and diffusion
The personal data regarding the processing will be communicated and/or diffused:

  1. to the staff of the company for all the purposes connected to the contractual work in progress;
  2. to our agents network;
  3. to credit institutions;
  4. to debt collection companies;
  5. to credit insurance companies;
  6. to legal, tax and commercial consultancy companies;
  7. to public authorities or administration offices for legal executions;
  8. to couriers, forwarding agents and depositaries. 

7. Rights under Article 7 Legislative Decree 196/2003
The assumption of rights under Article 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 is recognized to the interested party of the data processing in question.

8. The persons in charge and responsible
The person in charge of the data processing is Eurochemicals s.p.a., represented by the Procurator SABRINA ROMANI. The person in charge of her personal data is GABRIELLA RADAELLI, as the internal person in charge of the data processing.
The personal data of both figures above mentioned are at disposal at the registered office of the Company: v.le Emilia, 92 – 20093 Cologno Monzese (MI).

9. Internet Web Site
The management modalities of the web site, referring to the data processing of the users consulting and accessing the web site services at disposal, are described subsequently. There is also information about the minimum prosecuted requirements regarding personal data on-line, and in particularly, the modalities, time and the kind of information that the person in charge of the data processing has to give to the users when they connect to the web page, apart from the purpose of the connection. The information is not referring to other possible web sites that can be consulted by the user through links, but is referring exclusively to the web site

The data processing in connection with the web services of this web site take place at the office of the person in charge and are taken care of by a technical staff charged with the data processing, or persons in charge with updating and maintenance. No data resulting from the web services will be communicated or diffused. The personal data given by the users asking for informative material, are only used to carry out the service or required supplies and are communicated to third parties only if necessary to that end.

During their ordinary execution, the information systems and the software procedures prefixed to the functioning of this web site gather some personal data of which the transmission is implicit in the use of the Internet communication protocols. This information is not gathered to be associated with the identified interested party, but because of their own nature they could enable the identification of the users through elaboration and association with data kept by third parties (for example: IP addresses, names in control of computers used by users who connect to the web site, addresses URI of the requested resources, timetable of the request, method used to subject the request to the server, dimension of the file obtained in reply, number code indicating the condition of the reply given by the server, other parameters referring to the operating system and computer environment of the user). These data are used only for getting anonymous statistic information about the use of the web site and to control the right functioning of it and are cancelled immediately after elaboration. The data could be used to verify responsibility in case of hypothetical data processing offences regarding damages of the web site: except for this possibility, under present conditions the data regarding web connections will not persist for more than seven days.

Facultative, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mail to the indicated addresses on this web site implies the acquisition of the sender’s address, necessary to reply to the requests, as well as possible acquisition of other personal data included in the message.

No personal data of users is acquired on purpose by the web site. Cookies are not used for the transmission of personal information, neither any type of c.d. cookies, or systems for tracing users. The use of c.d. cookies in session (which are not stored in a persistent way on the user’s computer and disappear when closing the browser) is strictly limited to the transmission of the username of the session (consisting in random numbers generated by the server), necessary to enable a safe and efficient exploration of the web site. The c.d. session cookies used in this web site prevent the recourse to other information techniques which are potentially harmful regarding the user’s privacy and do not allow the acquisition of the user’s identifying personal data.

Apart from what is specified regarding the navigation data, the user is free to give the personal data reported in the information form for receiving informative materials or other communications. Incomplete data can be the cause of impossibility to obtain what is requested.

The personal data are taken care of by automated work tools for a strictly necessary period to achieve the purposes for which they were gathered. Specific security measures are taken to avoid the loss of the data, illicit or not correct uses or and unauthorized accesses.